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Here is two cookbooks that have attracted my attention since I began my love/hate relationship with food. The first one I purchased, Mastering the Art of French Cooking by the one and only Julia Child, Louisette Bertholle, and Simone Beck, was a spur of the moment purchase. I bought it from a seller on Ebay for $20. That was about 3 years ago. My recent purchase came from and it was a pre-order from author and blogger Andie Mitchell, Eating in the Middle, whose blog I’ve been a fan of for the last 4 years. Now let’s get to the bottom of why I purchased these two cookbooks with all the other options out there. First, I bought Mastering the Art of French Cooking because I read Julie & Julia, about Julie Powell who cooked her way through the entire Child’s cookbook in a year and I also read My Life in France, which was written by Child’s. Also I’m a fan of the movie with Meryl Strep and Amy Adams. francejulie Now to Eating in the Middle by Andie Mitchell, which I bought not on a whim, but because I patiently waited for Ms. Mitchell to give a release date for the cookbook. I loved the recipes she posted on her blog and found myself drooling at the pictures that captivated my attention (her blog is my homepage on my computer).

However, what I found was the these two cookbooks in my possession was similar and different, but more different than similar. Ms. Mitchell’s book had amazing photos, great recipes and some recipes have little stories to go along with them. I also understand that Julia Child’s wrote her cookbook with a certain hypothesis in mind, but while I love the cookbook, it reads more like a manual than the cookbooks you see on the selves at book stores. It gives great advice and tips to being the best chef you can be in your kitchen. The book was intended for American cooks who did not have personal chef’s in their homes. I think in today’s terms it was written to help people cook like a French chef and make great meals that are full of flavors and the best smells you can smell. Overall both books are amazing and anyone who loves cooking and being in the kitchen would find that these cookbooks are great to add to your collection.

At this point you’re probably wondering why I’m wiring about these cookbooks beside comparing and contrasting them. Well, plain and simple, I’m not a foodie. I’m lactose intolerant and I have IBS. But what attracted me to both cookbooks was the fact that it helped me find food again. When you’re suffering from stomach problems and dairy is just not your friend plus cheese is gross, you find yourself eating the same things over and over again until everyone knows what you’re going to eat and what day you’re eating it. I’ve come to a conclusion that food doesn’t have to be your enemy and butter can make a dish taste like God himself prepared it. After it’s all said and done, food is not the enemy and you can cook food that’s full of flavor but yet healthy at the same time and not letting stomach problems hold you down from tasting life with a fork.

As the late Julia Child would say, Bon Appetite!

Much Love

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