So over Summer

When winter finally breaks and the leaves grow back on the trees, I can feel the summer in the air. The sun stays out longer and homework is nearly vanquished. Shorts and sandals are bought for the impending warm weather and sweaters and boots are long forgotten. What is it about summer that makes us happier. I know when summer comes people are happier, warmer even. But as of right now, I’m so over summer. I’m not a summer person. I love the cool, crisp weather of autumn and the changing of the leaves and the boots…oh how I love boots. Fall is my favorite time of year. Sure in the summer you can do more things. However in the fall we have apple picking, Thanksgiving and sweet potato pie. Fall decor isn’t so bad either. So in honour of the coming autumn season, I’ve complied a list, the Fall Bucket List…let’s get started!6239481883_467b4c0f14_z

1. Go apple picking (I haven’t gone since 1st grade)

2. Make an apple pie

3.Try a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks (Never had one as I don’t like pumpkin)

4. Try the recipe from Andie Mitchell for Pumpkin Doughnuts

5. Rake the leaves in my yard then jump in the pile

I hope sometime in the near future I can conquer this list and move on to my winter bucket list. My goal is to create a bucket list for each season. It gives me some goals to accomplish and to do things I’ve always wanted to do. Leave me some comments on what you would include for a fall bucket list or if you’ve ever completed everything on your list.

Much love

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