Update: Summer Bucket List 2017

Summer is upon us. Say goodbye to sweaters and boots and hello to Vans and shorts. Last year, I posted a Summer Basket list. I know what you’re thinking, bucket list are for doing great things before you die. However I must admit, there is a lot to do before the good Lord calls me home, so here I go again with another list for summer. Let’s recap last years bucket list.

Last year, I had some pretty big things to do. One of which I almost accomplished. Question of the day, Did you know that it can take years before you actually get into the registration room to get tickets for Comic Con San Diego? I didn’t. So for now that is crossed off the list until further notice.

So now, I introduce my 2017 Bucket List for the Summer!

  1. Finish Batman: Arkham Knight video game
  2. Build my audience for my blog
  3. Finish my A.A.S program (I went back to school)
  4. Be the best I can be in Christ and in life

So far, I’m not reaching too many heights. I’m taking things slow and just want to find myself again. I feel at 26, you start reevaluating your life and wanting more than just a career and benefits. I want adventure but currently I am being content in all things. This list may be simpler than last year but I’m happy and finally understanding my purpose on earth and in Christ.

Much Love

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