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Food at its finest!

Picture it. You’re at home, watching TV when suddenly an ad for a big, juicy burger from Wendy’s comes on. You can see the grease leaking from the burger, the tomatoes are a brilliant red, the cheese is melted just right, and the bun is as soft as a puppy. Except, most of the items used to create such an astounding burger is anything but edible. Welcome to the world of Food Art and Styling!

Food art and styling is a technique in which, food is undercooked or not cooked at all and things such as motor oil and glue are used to give it the perfect camera look. Rocket Jump Film School did a short video on food styling and how to create the perfect look for the camera. In the video, they take a whole chicken, cook it partially, and add the final touches, in which this delicious looking bird would surely kill you. Have a seat, grab a snack, and take a look at the amazing world of food art and styling.


And if you’re still interested in learning more about the delicious foods you see in ads and commercials, have a look at Food Stylist Secrets from Readers Digest. Can you digest it?

*This is a blog post written for my social media class from Spring 2018 semester*

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