What about the woman behind the strange name? I love stories…so now lets have story time. Long ago in a far off land (Oak Park, IL) a little girl was born to a man and woman who are childrespudnikkn of the most high God. The little girl’s mother had a cousin who loved giving nicknames to the newbies born in the family. Can you guess what nickname was given…Spud (I added the extras on, but that’s another story), in which Spudikk was born. I am a writer, photographer and filmmaker who’s just trying to make it in and praise my savior whenever possible.

So you now you know the story, but the journey has only begun. Take a look around and view my blog, leave some comments or just stop by to say hi! Don’t be shy I’m all ears. Follow me as I follow Christ, learn my purpose in this world and be all that I can be. But for now, I’m just a young adult with a fondness for Jesus, Target and Jimmy Johns.

Much Love